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Friday, December 31, 2010

Green Your Campus + Stella-An Innovative Ecological Awareness Generating System

Going green is one of the most concerned issues in today’s world andindustrial designer Julien Bergignat envisioned the students as a distinguished part of saving the environment through his innovative combination of Green Your Campus plus Stella concept. A survey showed 48% of the students though that “Trashes & Recycling” was the most critical point we had to improve on the campus, against 29% for “Energy Saving” and 23% for “Green Transportation”.

With a view to address that vital 48% of Trashes and Recycling problem, Green Your Campus, an interactive software to integrate virtual world with reality and Stella, the monitor of the student’s activity, has been designed. The Green Your Campus software features a simple and quick interface where students can do different ecological movements through which their profile will get rich. They can distinguish each other with different avatars and several factors are considered to measure their performance such as consuming energy through the computer, number of printing done by the student and spent time on the site. The second phase, Stella, works as a bridge between virtual world and tangible interpretation. This fiber optic pixelglass made frame can be commonly used in all campuses to specify each student as a tangible performance measuring board. The board features LED lights in blue and red color, representing good actions and bad actions of the students respectively.

Design By Dofft


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