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Friday, December 31, 2010

DongSeo University Industrial Design Project Exhibition – Public Design (Part 3)

This is the third part of DongSeo University 12th Graduation Exhibition of the talented students who major in Industrial Design of the Department of Design. This part is focus on public design.

1. Donation Booth by Sangyong Kang
This booth design provides an easy access for people to give their donation

2. U-Pad by Sungkuk Park
A multi-pad for people who cannot communicate with each other. This device is a two way communication device for blind people and hearing impaired people. The blind people use braille because they can’t see, while the hearing impaired people communicate by writing since they can’t hear but they can read.

3. U-Words by Changhyeon Bang
Children can learn Korean easily using this educational toy. Learning by playing.

4. The Cleaning Bike by Junhee Lee
This cleaning bike picks up waste on the road by using the principle of wheel rotation. When the bicycle moves forward, it cleans the road easily and conveniently.

5. Round Parking by Sungchuel Jang
This is a new parking method with unique angle for better space utilization.

6. A Bin On The Street by Moonjoo Jo
This mounted waste bin helps cleaning workers to sweep off the dust from the road easier.

7. Parking Information by Yeonghun Hyun
A system to guide people to locate their car in the parking lots. Most people don’t remember where they park their car. This information booth will locate the car for them. This device can also inform the parking guide about available parking space.

Design by dofft


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