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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Compact, Lightweight And Stylish Eggy Is As Nutritious For The Environment As Eggs Are For Us

To be honest, an egg shaped car doesn’t seem much extraordinary to me since I’ve seen such designs before. But Eggy design would be first one where the narrower part of the egg was envisioned as the rear part of the car. To make the car nutritious to the environment, just like eggs are for us, it features a lightweight body made of aluminum that emits close to no CO2 and reduces the weight and fuel consumption of the car for better efficiency. The integrated lithium-ion battery can propel the car at up to 60 km/h of speed which would be quite enough for the busy future city streets. The final outcome of the design not only features excellent visual expression with red LED tail light and dark tinted windshield, also gives a feel of safe, unique and green driving experience

Design By Dofft


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