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Monday, December 27, 2010

8 Most Handy Robot Designs That Can Make Our Life Easier

Before inventing robots, people were more active. Does that mean robots are meant to be making people idle? Of course not. Robots are machines that follow instruction accurately which in turn boost the productivity and efficiency of its performance. Ultimately robots can do more tasks in less time. So what is the moral? Making life easier, yeah this must be the key objective of inventing robots. Here you can find the 8 most handy robot designs that can contribute a lot to make our life easier.

1. Tree Planting Robot

This eco-friendly four legged robot can plant trees with the help of its long planting arm and the planting head. The legs reduce the pressure applied on the floor of the forest, enabling the robot to be smaller and move through rough terrain.

3. Kanibot

Kanibot robot works as a surveillance robot that can be used in various environments. It comprises six mechanical legs that enable the robot to move in all directions and on almost any surface. Moreover, there are cameras and sensors for superior functionality.

4. Robot Harvester

Robot Harvester keep s shopping centers and street territories clean by gathering rubbish and put them to their right place for disposal. This small robot also features the ability to gather big rubbishes by using manipulators.

6. Butl-R-Bot

To assist in kitchen tasks butl-r-bot has been designed with responsive AI and advanced technologies featuring humanistic arms, advanced sensors, cameras, fan arrays with movement ability, and many other functional accessories. It can efficiently prepare meals, take orders and collect foods, even it can interact with utensils and kitchen appliances.

7. Robot taxis

The three wheeler Robot taxis can transport two person as a part of a smooth public transportation system. This compact and slick taxies resembles with the driver’s cab of a crane driver and features uplifting door for the entry of the passengers.

8. Cargonaut

Urban transit will become easier than ever by enabling people get rid of their loads through cargonaut robot. This robot will help carrying heavy luggage, groceries, shopping bags and many more letting the user to be free to roam and enjoy.

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