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Friday, October 2, 2009

Transportations Fashion and design

Pholeum Transportation Unit with Efficient Next Generation Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

The idea of Pholeum transportation unit concept is based on the living cell tissue structure of a plant that can carry organic nutrients to any part of the plant where required. This vehicle has been designed as a personal mobility unit based on an ideal transportation means for mega-cities, which has made riding this eco-friendly car just equivalent to a bike down the street.

The minimalist interior features control steering pod, a mimicking game like control where brake and gas paddles embedded close to the steering wheel, offering next generation driving environment. The wheels are fully immersed with rubberized tire with independent spoke arrangement that allows the wheels to absorb the road bumps without having used the suspensions. Moreover, the out of the body wheel base has added few extra with the innovative look that the car already has with its clear body shell and green house like design.


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