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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Egg : Unfold Your Kitchen Like A Flower

The Egg is a concept kitchen that will offer necessary functionalities so that anyone can become an expert chef. With simple, clean and natural shape, the Egg concept provides both aesthetic and functional significance for future houses and users. The kitchen is consists of three wings, vapor washing wing provides cool water rapid jet that sprayed automatically when hands are detected, induction wing features low energy, no heat and high-end cooking, and preparation wing is an interactive panel which provides necessary information about the elements on the surface. The center is a holographic projector that contains information database and battery modules inside. The Egg features Interactive Holographic Projection (IHP) that allows the user to watch and learn various cooking styles, find new recipes online, customize graphic outlines on the egg shell and control various options for preparation, induction and washing wings.



Yodz said...

i sincerely love your site.

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