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Friday, September 25, 2009

Audi Car Designs

Mercedes Benz Eco-Friendly BlueZero Concept Car

BlueZero is the latest addition of the eco-friendly series cars by world renowned Mercedes-Benz. The main inspiration came from the idea of creating a vehicle that is affordable and eco-conscious, and can offer a multitude of platforms for daily use. Keeping the sandwich floor concept of Mercedes in mind, the structure of this concept car allows three different platforms to realize: first one is an E-Cell with battery, secondly E-Cell plus with gasoline and battery and the last one is an F-Cell with hydrogen. This concept allows the powertrain to be moved into the floor cells in the event of a front-end collision. This innovative is not only a great safety solution but also will help creating a universal platform.


Helen Thomas said...

Wow...nice car and superbly designed but you did not mention the price.

How much its gonna be?

Above all I like the feature of eco-friendliness. Its really essential in today's time. If my pocket allow then I am gonna take one :)

Helen Thomas

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